About Us

Our Story

Forest On Cowie has partnered with Forest Town School to provide learners with training and valuable skillsets for the real world. The TOC department offers classes in sewing, arts, administration, beauty, languages, math, and life skills. Learners gain practical experience and develop their professional skills at Forest On Cowie, creating opportunities for future employment. The program aims to support learners holistically, catering to their individual needs and maximizing their potential. Forest On Cowie welcomes customers from the community and looks forward to serving them.

– To provide quality skillsets to use in the real world after school.

– To inspire each learner to persevere and develop a person of self-worth and dignity.

– To instill in each learner a system of values in accordance with our constitution while providing support to our parents.


Our Mission

About Forest Town School

Forest on Cowie takes great pride in its association with Forest Town School. By visiting our establishment, you contribute to the school’s vocational training program, providing valuable learning opportunities for the students. Every visit to Forest on Cowie not only offers you a rejuvenating experience but also supports the educational journey of young individuals with diverse learning needs.